The Cooing of the Dove…..

In the dark places 
  rustling can be heard,
a heartfelt call echoes 
from an unseen bird;
'Stay true! Stay true!'

For here in this place 
fears are real and unlit, 
so the call from this Dove
 is very timely and fit.
'Stay true! Stay true!'

It's Wisdom that calls 
 to those who are lost;
wooing them from despair
 and waves of being tossed.
'Stay true! Stay true!'

Some say whoever walks
in the company of fear,
will never leave unscathed
with their futures unclear.
'Not true! Not true!'

Courage dear lost ones, 
there's hope from above;
 for the Light of JESUS shines,
demonstrating His Love,
'For you! For you!'