The girl ran quickly through the tall, dry grasses which were intermingled with wild flowers. She knew where she was going by instinct alone and did not deviate from the path. It was like she knew and understood that to get to home base was all that mattered. She would be safe there. Invigorated by this knowledge she continued to run, all the while laughing with sheer joy and happiness.

Others also ran around looking for the home base in this game of life. With the grasses so high there was no opportunity to cheat by any means. They continued to blindly run on, not fazed by the lack of direction at all but rather enjoying the game. Winning was out of the question when all was said and done, however they seemed content to run around in circles anyway. They too laughed with happiness as they ran.

The girl suddenly came upon an old tree stump and noticed it was the end of the path. A new shoot grew from the stump, signifying new life in spite of the dead wood. Jumping up onto the stump the girl raised her arms in sheer unadulterated joy! She had found home base…..

The stump of Jesse,
from his roots a branch bears fruit,
found in HIM alone.....

[Isaiah 11 v 1]