The Wind of the SPIRIT…..

Blow Holy Wind with Your Breath so sweet,
 with You there is victory and no defeat;
when skies are grey and living is hard
 Your help arrives as a shimmering shard
of Light and Hope.

Blow Holy Spirit, please bring us nearer
to understanding Your plans much clearer;
knowing they're for good, and not for harm,
brought about by Your outstretched arm
of Light and Hope.

O blow Holy Spirit, revive us once more,
may we be found praising the One we adore;
JESUS our LORD and our soon coming KING,
our Saviour, Redeemer and Holy Wellspring
     of Light and Hope..... 

The Least of These…..

A beggar looks hopefully,
 with eyes reminding me of JESUS,
to see if my heart will melt.
It does, so I give him money.
 He thanks me through
 a gentle toothless smile
and calls me 'Miss'.
Will he spend it on food,
 meth or perhaps cheap wine?
I do not know for the
unraveling is unseen
yet essentially Divine.....

Pater Expectat…..

The horizon is being searched
by longing eyes full of hope.
Pater knows he will come,
 thus everything is prepared.
He must come, for hope
does not disappoint.

There! A dot on the horizon
slowly bringing the son into view.
 Running towards him, tears of joy
coursing down his timeless face
Pater shouts as if to waken the dead,
'My son! My son! My son!'