Down at The Potter’s House…..

Trailblazer! I’ve always wanted to be one of those, in fact I sincerely believed I would be. However, just as I always wanted to be a pioneer as well, those ambitions have died. They were selfish ambitions born out of wanting to be seen and heard. How pathetic is that! I’m not beating myself up here, on the contrary, I wish to honour the LORD, Who has steered me in the right direction, keeping me safe from myself. He knows better you see and, because He does love me, He knows exactly what I need. Humility! [Even typing that word I hear the enemy of my soul taunt me with accusations. But, I’m not listening to him because he is a liar.] So, ‘humility’ has been taking off the rough edges, sculpting away just as the Potter does with the clay, even to the extent that the Potter has reworked me numerous times and still does to this very day…..

Molded and fashioned
as The Potter deems fit 
upon the potter's wheel
I humbly submit.
Safe in His Hands
He turns me around
with the loving result
      that in Him I am found.....

No More Fig Leaves…..

Do we present the best side of ourselves to others, whilst hiding the not so great other side? Hands up if you agree. Because in this world it is important to appear to ‘have it all together’ in order to be accepted, I think that we hide in the shadows quite a bit of the time, not willing to be fully exposed. For me this is part of the Divine Unraveling – the taking off of the grave clothes if you like, so that the ‘real’ will be brought out. I mean to say, GOD knows us so well that nothing surprises Him anyway! So why oh why, do we at times hide under the cover of ‘fig leaves’, thinking that GOD, and others, mustn’t see us for who we actually are. For JESUS CHRIST is our covering now and in Him we are fully seen and fully accepted!

Revealed in JESUS,
the Way, the Truth and the Life,
our grave clothes come off.....

The Mooing of Doing…..

The ‘sacred cows’ of religion will, at times, challenge one’s faith in JESUS CHRIST. They delight in pointing out rules and regulations, what one should be doing or not be doing, all the while attempting to place restrictions upon you, according to their own stiff and stifling protocols.

When CHRIST sets us free we are free indeed, so if you ‘hear the mooing of a sacred cow’ nearby, remember you have been set free!

CHRIST has set us free
from the old Covenant Law
by Grace we are saved!

Waxing Lyrical…..

I love the phrase ‘waxing lyrical’ and it certainly can be enthusiastically applied to anything one loves to do! It’s funny, for I wax lyrical about poetry, if I can find someone who also loves poetry. But therein lies the rub, for mostly that someone is shy to be exposed as a possible poetry lover. Therefore, to find like-minded folk online has boosted my enjoyment of poetry tremendously. I drink in your words as water in a parched land and thus I am refreshed and encouraged to journey on, with your ‘waxing lyrical’ words my companions. This is very much my journey with JESUS too. I can wax lyrical about Him, the Darling of Heaven, but to find someone who also desires to drink from the Living Waters is quite rare, apart from a few like-minded followers of JESUS. Once again, my online community is at hand and one finds refreshment and encouragement there. My companion for this journey is HOLY SPIRIT as He is always pointing the Way forward and without Him it would be a lonely sojourn indeed. He has promised that He will NEVER leave us or forsake us so every day we travel together into territory that is wonderful, yet a bit scary at times. GOD is with us…..

Waxing lyrical
about JESUS our Saviour.
Hallowed be His Name.....

The Matinee Poet…..

This morning, out of nowhere, the phrase ‘a matinee poet’ came to mind. Now I have never heard this expression before and I’m not sure that there is such a thing. However, methinks it may just describe yours truly. Matinees are shown in the afternoon, usually movies for general viewing, or a circus for families, or various shows of various genres. Other, more highbrow shows/movies etc are held in the evening, where people dress up a bit more, dine out either before or after, and which generally cater for the adult intellect. I do wish I could write such poems, that one can dine out and dress up for, as a special occasion. But nope, I’m definitely a matinee poet, but that’s okay too, for matinees serve a purpose within their own identity. I feel a matinee poem coming on!

Grab your popcorn folks
the show is about to start
so slouch and enjoy.....

Message in a Bottle…..

I ‘ve heard it said that ‘wine is like bottled poetry’, which I take it to mean that wine will loosen inhibitions when one partakes of it, thus bringing a seductive enjoyment to the one who imbibes. In a way I agree, for just as wine triggers a personal like or dislike to a particular brew, so too does poetry. One person may enjoy red wine and not white, and another may only like a certain wine etc etc. Thus someone may enjoy haiku poems and another not so much; some may partake of limericks whilst another will think that they are too cheap and lack depth. I believe it’s all a matter of personal taste. It is inhibiting to just stay with one variety of poetry when there are so many yet to be discovered and perhaps enjoyed! Therefore I am on a ‘poetry tasting trail’, keen to see just what is out there. Wheeeeeee…….!

Bottled poetry
for a personal palette
     needs to be uncorked.....

Vatic Verse…..

I have always been drawn to the prophetic in my Christian walk, with at times having visions and/or prophetic words come to me. This has been over many decades and continues today. So I was delighted to learn a new word [for me] of ‘vatic’. What I discovered was one can be a ‘vatic poet’ who writes ‘vatic poetry’. With my interest stimulated, this called for a search in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary to find out more!

‘vatic’ = prophetic; oracular

‘Some people say only thin lines separate poetry, prophecy and madness. We don’t know if that’s generally true, but it is in the case of ‘vatic’. The adjective derives directly from the Latin word ‘vates’, meaning ‘seer’ or ‘prophet’. But that Latin root is, in turn, distantly related to the Old English ‘woth’, meaning ‘poetry’; the Old German ‘wuot’ meaning ‘madness’; and the Old Irish ‘faith’ meaning both seer and prophet.’ [Merriam-Webster]

And so the Divine Unraveling continues…..

Vatic poetry
painting bold Holy vistas
for blind eyes to see.....

The Root of Jesse…..

Here in the Southern Hemisphere Spring is in full swing. Days are becoming warmer, birds are busy nesting, flowers are blooming and all in all everything appears fresh. I love this season! Of note are the beautiful cherry trees which are flowering, masses of pink and white petals which will eventually carpet the ground. Some cherry trees have been grafted onto stock that will improve the fruit yield. This seedling stock is called a mazzard.

Romans 11 speaks of us being grafted into CHRIST as part of GOD’s plan for our redemption. [Not onto a cherry stock of course but rather into the olive tree.]

Being grafted in
there is nothing haphazard
GOD's Holy Mazzard.....

A Paradoxical Post…..

Sometimes being ‘serious’ overtakes me and I need to rein in any frivolity that may attempt to ambush me, for ‘serious’ does have its part to play. I seem to waver between the two but I’m learning to relax with both – serious and frivolity. You may notice that often my poems also waver between the two. One minute the poetry is serious, the next humorous. Both are parts of me. When it comes to writing poetry about JESUS I am very serious although I also know that the LORD does have a delightful sense of humour! So there is the paradox of penning poems for this poet [trying saying that ten times fast!]

I thought I would add a ‘haiku’ poem to this wee confession and make it a ‘haibun’ post…..

When being profound
I end up rolling around,
laughing my head off!


The girl ran quickly through the tall, dry grasses which were intermingled with wild flowers. She knew where she was going by instinct alone and did not deviate from the path. It was like she knew and understood that to get to home base was all that mattered. She would be safe there. Invigorated by this knowledge she continued to run, all the while laughing with sheer joy and happiness.

Others also ran around looking for the home base in this game of life. With the grasses so high there was no opportunity to cheat by any means. They continued to blindly run on, not fazed by the lack of direction at all but rather enjoying the game. Winning was out of the question when all was said and done, however they seemed content to run around in circles anyway. They too laughed with happiness as they ran.

The girl suddenly came upon an old tree stump and noticed it was the end of the path. A new shoot grew from the stump, signifying new life in spite of the dead wood. Jumping up onto the stump the girl raised her arms in sheer unadulterated joy! She had found home base…..

The stump of Jesse,
from his roots a branch bears fruit,
found in HIM alone.....

[Isaiah 11 v 1]


Reticent sailor
thankful for a safe harbour
going nowhere fast.....
Adventure averted? Delayed? No, never begun. What a pity!
A whiff of a breeze catches the attention, awakening the man
from apathy. Could he? Should he?
Would he dare to set sail and embrace the Wind?
Hope flourishes, desire accelerates!
He's up and alive, excited to dream again!
Up anchor man! You can do it, just believe 
in the One Who goes with you! 
Thus the man is quickened.....