Taking Cover…..

Overwhelming odds are oddly overwhelming
so where does one go?
Do we hide in the shelters or shelter in the hides?
who could possibly know.
Seems like it's shooting season for ducks or for deer
gunfire from all quarters!
This crazy mad world is becoming too much
hide your sons and your daughters!
Just when it appears that all may be lost, a Voice,
'Take cover in Me!
For under My wings and the Blood of the Lamb
you are safe in this stormy sea!'

His Banner over us is Love…..

Floating downstream
dreaming a dream
of heavenly places;
relaxed with eyes closed
there are none who oppose
what my heart now embraces.
This River of Life
removes all the strife
that's found in this world;
with my peace now in Him
His bright Light is not dim
       and His banner's unfurled.....

The Wind of the SPIRIT…..

Blow Holy Wind with Your Breath so sweet,
 with You there is victory and no defeat;
when skies are grey and living is hard
 Your help arrives as a shimmering shard
of Light and Hope.

Blow Holy Spirit, please bring us nearer
to understanding Your plans much clearer;
knowing they're for good, and not for harm,
brought about by Your outstretched arm
of Light and Hope.

O blow Holy Spirit, revive us once more,
may we be found praising the One we adore;
JESUS our LORD and our soon coming KING,
our Saviour, Redeemer and Holy Wellspring
     of Light and Hope..... 

JESUS, the Bread of Life…..

O noble Son of the Living GOD
unselfishly your virtue flows,
a River born of Righteousness
that gives Life wherever it goes.
Sin was never found in You,
just goodness, faith and love;
enabling us to partake of these
with the help of the Holy Dove.
Immerse me LORD in the River
that is flowing out from Heaven
forgiving me of my prideful ways,
      with the Bread that has no leaven.....

Salvation Found in CHRIST…..

Are you about to explode
with all the world's nonsense
circulating faster and faster
confusing minds with disaster
after disaster and so on and so forth;
a crazy round-a-bout at the World fair
that takes all and sundry for a ride?
But wait!
There is a place where you can shelter
a mighty Fortress, a cleft in the Rock!
A refuge in these times of trouble and war.
JESUS CHRIST, the One Who has won,
with the Victory already done, on our behalf.
Grace, Mercy, Forgiveness, Peace, Love!
 You just need to ask Him into your heart.
Don't wait!

A Mother’s Prayer…..

As I tucked my son in bed tonight
I said a little prayer,
please keep him safe and happy LORD
when I'm not always there.
He cannot read or write just yet
and is shaky on his feet,
but his spirit is towards you LORD
with a heart that's always sweet.
He still needs help with dressing
and his laces he can't tie,
but I know one day he'll do these things
in sweet glory bye and bye.
 I'm more than open to a miracle LORD,
it's my faith that lets me down,
but because You've won the victory LORD
he'll receive the victor's crown.
My son is not a baby but a man of forty four,
with a brain that doesn't function
each milestone means much more.
He loves you LORD, You know that well,
he bows down before no other,
so I lift him up before You LORD
with the hands of a praying mother.....

The King’s Daughter…..

Hey there beautiful!
Yes, you! The one who won't look
 into a mirror.
Made in His image
you are exquisitely formed,
the Master's design.

Remember dearheart
that you look like your Father,
Who doesn't make junk!
Fix your gaze on Him,
and as you do, you will see
just how He sees you.....

The In-Between Places…..

Do not despise the in-between places
where the past and the future meet;
  for here you will find a moment to rest,
not to mention finding your feet.
A foot in the past and one in the future
doesn't mean that you're stuck in this place;
rather try seeing it as a time to reflect
where you'll find some much needed space.....

The Release from a Thromise…..

Over the last two days or so, I have become aware of words that were declared over me years ago that had left their mark. I was threatened, and if I didn’t comply to their demands I was then promised that there would be consequences. Today I chose to walk out from underneath those harmful words, and to continue onwards and upwards on my journey with JESUS.

[There is such a word as thromise!]

A threat or a promise
is a thromise no less;
that holds one to ransom
unless you confess
to their jurisdiction
of stagnant control.
If you continue to bow 
to this thromise keeper
you'll only be emmeshed
much deeper and deeper.
Walk away from their power
that hinders your progress
for your life is worth more
than their stronghold of 'less'.
Be bold and be brave
 dear one of His making, 
and allow the LORD JESUS
to take hold of the shaking.
You're the head, not the tail
so come out from the threats,
for JESUS has freed you 
from their perceived debts.
Forgive and release those
folk who've been mean,
it's the grace of GOD 
that then will redeem.....

Two Bridges…..

A bridge
mortal doorway
for sojourners to cross,
man-made from 
concrete and steel
 providing access for crossing over
from old life to no life.
A toll will be demanded.

The Bridge
portal Doorway 
for sinners to cross,
GOD-made and man-made
from Blood and Holy Spirit
providing access for crossing over
from old life to new Life.
JESUS has fully paid.....

The Least of These…..

A beggar looks hopefully,
 with eyes reminding me of JESUS,
to see if my heart will melt.
It does, so I give him money.
 He thanks me through
 a gentle toothless smile
and calls me 'Miss'.
Will he spend it on food,
 meth or perhaps cheap wine?
I do not know for the
unraveling is unseen
yet essentially Divine.....

Pickle v Peace…..

What a pickle we are in;
chunks of this and pieces of that
a touch of spice with a pinch of salt
lukewarm opinions that matter not
a crazy hotchpot of he said she said
and so on and so forth day by day
mixed altogether by the strange stirring
of this life as we don't know it.
What a pickle we are in.

And then, there is JESUS.....

To Soar as an Eagle…..

I cannot fly but I want to;
          to be able to soar over landscapes 
                               of deep emerald, gold and blue
                                   plus every other GOD-created hue.

As a child I once dreamt I could fly,
                                           squeezing myself through a narrow window
                                                             of opportunity and flying at speed
                                                                                over familiar safe territory.
I still remember, as if it was yesterday.....

Perhaps I will fly again one day, when
                   this old well-used skin is finally shed.
                                  Then, to all intents and purposes, it
                                               will appear that I am dead but not so, 
                                                         for I will be more alive than ever before,
                                                                     soaring over previously undreamed of, 
                                                                              vistas of Heaven filled with GOD's Glory!
I cannot fly, yet one day I know I will.....

Pater Expectat…..

The horizon is being searched
by longing eyes full of hope.
Pater knows he will come,
 thus everything is prepared.
He must come, for hope
does not disappoint.

There! A dot on the horizon
slowly bringing the son into view.
 Running towards him, tears of joy
coursing down his timeless face
Pater shouts as if to waken the dead,
'My son! My son! My son!'

The Cooing of the Dove…..

In the dark places 
  rustling can be heard,
a heartfelt call echoes 
from an unseen bird;
'Stay true! Stay true!'

For here in this place 
fears are real and unlit, 
so the call from this Dove
 is very timely and fit.
'Stay true! Stay true!'

It's Wisdom that calls 
 to those who are lost;
wooing them from despair
 and waves of being tossed.
'Stay true! Stay true!'

Some say whoever walks
in the company of fear,
will never leave unscathed
with their futures unclear.
'Not true! Not true!'

Courage dear lost ones, 
there's hope from above;
 for the Light of JESUS shines,
demonstrating His Love,
'For you! For you!'

Nothing To Prove…..

Put aside your boxing gloves
of wanting things your way
for that will take you just thus far 
and that is where you'll stay.

Aren't you tired of battling
everyone who disagrees,
finding that your battles
will seldom them appease?

 Someone Who will fight for you,
Who knows your every thought,
has already won the Victor's Crown
with your redemption bought.

So put aside those boxing gloves,
with a humble heart surrender,
for that is where you'll find His Grace
and His love which is so tender..... 

The Holy Exchange…..

What amazing grace and mercy
the LORD has shown me,
for all my sin and iniquities
were hung upon a Tree.
HE took the punishment that was due,
bruised and whipped for all;
then cruelly nailed up on the Cross
fulfilling His Father's call.
As we acknowledge this loving act
our sins are then expunged;
drawing us from the inky darkness
of depths so deeply plunged.
The Light of JESUS brightly shines
lighting up the Way before us
with no more baggage of wasteful lives
we join the Heavenly chorus.
With our past records now erased,
obliterated, struck out, removed;
we are washed, loved and forgiven,
with His Passion faithfully proved.....

Elohim Shomri…..

Elephant BIG
elephant small,
elephant little
Elephant TALL.
BIG and TALL, 
 a strong tower 
for little and small
to run to.
Reminds me of GOD,
our Protector
and our Strong Tower.
Elohim Shomri  -  GOD our Protector

The Trees of the Fields…..

I heard a sound
and on turning around
I could see the trees were clapping;
and within the field
these trees did yield
to an unseen rhythm of tapping.

With joy and peace
they did not cease
from their encouraging applause;
and then I knew
that they took their cue
from my faith and also yours.

For when we go out
 the hills will shout
and the trees will clap their hands;
as we speak GOD's Word
so hearts are stirred,
 bringing hope to distant lands.