Welcome to A Divine Unraveling! Here you’ll find poetry, storiettes, open letters, haiku, haibun, cinquain, and just some plain old thinking out loud! Most posts will reflect JESUS CHRIST, Whom I adore, in some way or another. Some posts will connect with the Divine through observations of unraveling, whilst a few will be totally devoid of anything that is even remotely ‘profound’. You’ll find there will be no rhyme nor reason to the order in which the posts make their appearance! They will dance their own dance when called to do so. Anyway, hope you enjoy this Blog! Thanks for dropping by…

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Please note: This pic and the main pic are by the same artist ‘cristinaureta’, who is a contributor to the Public Domain site Pixabay. I only use illustrations that are Public Domain ones so that I don’t breach Copyright laws.

[Sometimes I slightly alter the illustrations to suit the posts.]