Just In Case…..

The sailor did some hard graft
aiming to build a life raft
with lights forward and aft.

He was intellectually smart
bought the timber at the mart
and built a work of art.

This time I have written two verses with a ‘diminishing poem’. Not sure if one is meant to write more than 3 lines but hey ho, I was on a roll…..

The Lark List…..

I need to make a list today
of important things that lie
waiting for my attention;
 with guilt-trip eyes following
my every move and more,
any attempt to shake off 
their intrusiveness fails.
'Deal with this! Make a plan!
Don't forget, you mortal man!'
Their cries becoming louder,
overbearing and prouder;
demands and stop-watches set
I feel I am being stalked and yet
the choice is mine to make 
whether I concur and take the bait.
Bother this Spring cleaning lark!

Taking Cover…..

Overwhelming odds are oddly overwhelming
so where does one go?
Do we hide in the shelters or shelter in the hides?
who could possibly know.
Seems like it's shooting season for ducks or for deer
gunfire from all quarters!
This crazy mad world is becoming too much
hide your sons and your daughters!
Just when it appears that all may be lost, a Voice,
'Take cover in Me!
For under My wings and the Blood of the Lamb
you are safe in this stormy sea!'

His Banner over us is Love…..

Floating downstream
dreaming a dream
of heavenly places;
relaxed with eyes closed
there are none who oppose
what my heart now embraces.
This River of Life
removes all the strife
that's found in this world;
with my peace now in Him
His bright Light is not dim
       and His banner's unfurled.....

The Small Places of GOD…..

Dear Reader,

Hugh Mann here, after a long absence! I haven’t been away, just quiet. I don’t mind the quiet as it enables me to think without explanation. Life is far too rushed, almost as if you are busy then you are considered worthy. Poppycock! To live well doesn’t mean one needs to prove oneself to be worthy by rushing here, rushing there, achieving this and that and generally elevating oneself to the martyrdom status of busyness. The mantra of ‘to achieve is to receive’ accolades and back-patting is rubbish in my humble opinion. Of course you may disagree! In my advancing years I am finding that life is found in the smallness of things, a touch, a hug, a smell of the roses, and yes, in the smell of coffee as well. And within the smallness of things I come across the Bigness of GOD! I find Him in the quiet places where He speaks volumes in a small, still Voice. Bit of a paradox really but I do encourage you dear reader to try it for yourself. Venture into a quiet place and say hello to GOD. Quietly listen and you will hear His Voice, which is the Voice of love, forgiveness and peace. His Name is JESUS. Talk to Him and wait to listen for His reply, for He longs to hear your voice.

Yours in CHRIST,

Hugh Mann.

Your Words and the Strength to Bleed Them

I wanted to share this poem written by Jana @ The Beggar’s Bakery. It speaks volumes and when I asked if I could post it on A Divine Unraveling Jana graciously agreed. Thank you so very much Jana! I love it!

The Beggar's Bakery

“CUTTY SARK” painting by Paul M. Kruemcke (my beloved grandfather “Papa”) Circa 1966

“And I’m bleeding, and I’m bleeding, and I’m bleeding
Right before the Lord
All the words are gonna bleed from me
And I will think no more
” – The White Stripes,Seven Nation Army


like the ocean when you are standing at the end of the world

right about to fall off the edge.

Just when you think you’ve run out of sea

the world becomes round andlook!

Endless more!

More to say.

More to think.

More towrite.

Units of communication,


transfused into us by our Creator.

On the waters of written language

The world takes passage in order tothink.

Thought-provoking words inspire

ignite and set into motion

Kingdoms, governments and laws.

I write in order tounthink.

Unable (unwilling) to tourniquet the thoughts

with substance or busy-ness or…

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The Wind of the SPIRIT…..

Blow Holy Wind with Your Breath so sweet,
 with You there is victory and no defeat;
when skies are grey and living is hard
 Your help arrives as a shimmering shard
of Light and Hope.

Blow Holy Spirit, please bring us nearer
to understanding Your plans much clearer;
knowing they're for good, and not for harm,
brought about by Your outstretched arm
of Light and Hope.

O blow Holy Spirit, revive us once more,
may we be found praising the One we adore;
JESUS our LORD and our soon coming KING,
our Saviour, Redeemer and Holy Wellspring
     of Light and Hope..... 


The ship hits the reef and spews out oil,
seabirds don't know why they can't fly
deadly black stuff smothering
ev'rything in it's path;
sandy beaches now
globules of tar
where we once
 walked and

A ship came to grief quite a few years ago, just off the coast where I live. Slowly but surely the tide brought in the oil slick, coating the coastline for miles and miles. But eventually, with a sterling effort by volunteers, all of the oil was mopped up. The beautiful white, sandy beaches are back to their former glory now.

Sevenling ~ [He scuttled along…..]

He scuttled along the aisles
placing random goods within
his bag of need, not greed.

People watched him do it
knowing he was a shop lifter
believing he would get caught.

         Security camera was on the blink.....

Yet another first for me, writing a ‘Sevenling’ poem! Seven lines, interconnected with a story line and finishing with a summarizing punch line. Apparently when writing ‘sevenlings’ one always has to call the poem ‘Sevenling’ followed by some of the first few words of the poem. Love learning new stuff! Thanks to Ron.Lavalette for the prompt.

Al’s Owls…..

The wise old owls cried 'Whoo Whoo'
announcing to Al they knew new
neighbours were on the scene, seen
       setting up house for four.....

This is my first attempt at writing an ‘Echo’ poem. Pretty much self explanatory and quite tricky to do.

Possibility of Rain…..

'Possible showers', enthuses Dan the Man,
the weather forecaster on the telly;
mind you, he is excited all of the time!
He predicts, prophesies and promises
with a smiling demeanor, not once
missing a word or geographic area.
Dan the Man has got it!

This post is in response to write a quadrille [44 words] containing some form of the word ‘possible’. https://dversepoets.com/2020/11/16/quadrille-116-poem-those-possibles/

The Rose Garden…..

I had the wonderful experience of walking through a friends garden today that was a picture to behold. Roses of various colours and hues were in full bloom, along with many other beautiful flowering plants. I imagine that Heaven’s gardens would excel this one, a million times over, yet I felt privileged to have this wee foretaste today…..

filled with roses
released a heady scent
as I wandered through admiring