To Soar as an Eagle…..

I cannot fly but I want to;
          to be able to soar over landscapes 
                               of deep emerald, gold and blue
                                   plus every other GOD-created hue.

As a child I once dreamt I could fly,
                                           squeezing myself through a narrow window
                                                             of opportunity and flying at speed
                                                                                over familiar safe territory.
I still remember, as if it was yesterday.....

Perhaps I will fly again one day, when
                   this old well-used skin is finally shed.
                                  Then, to all intents and purposes, it
                                               will appear that I am dead but not so, 
                                                         for I will be more alive than ever before,
                                                                     soaring over previously undreamed of, 
                                                                              vistas of Heaven filled with GOD's Glory!
I cannot fly, yet one day I know I will.....

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