Dear Readers,

Hugh Mann here again. Sometimes I pop up, seemingly out of nowhere, to give my two cents worth. So this is what I have been chewing over lately – our desire to put things in square boxes. We may get a bright idea about something and immediately wish to ‘make a thing’ out of it. As a follower of Jesus Christ this is something that occurs time and time again when one desires to ‘start a ministry’ for example. Good ideas are just that, good ideas, unless they are Divinely inspired, birthed and carried forward. Often ‘GOD’ ideas are conceived and then incubated for some time before materializing, whereas ‘good’ ideas can be self-rushed and may not have been thought through fully. Therein lies the difference.

I remember quite a few years ago, when I had, what I thought, was a marvelous idea for a ministry. A few people came onboard with it, encouraging me along the way. However, there was one person who suggested that GOD was not in it and that we should not proceed. Ignoring this advice I valiantly attempted to connect all the dots myself over several weeks. Suffice to say it didn’t come to fruition, with it just being a good idea that I had placed in a pretty box of my choosing.

I don’t think for one minute that GOD is waiting to slap our hands if we try ‘good’ ideas! He is far more gracious than that! Instead He patiently waits until we eventually admit that “ermmm, maybe You’re not in this LORD after all?”

As human beings we are not foolproof by any means but we do have a Helper, the HOLY SPIRIT, Who directs our steps beautifully. Along the way we will learn patience and a raft of other great attributes of His. This is called wisdom and comes wrapped in the humility of a soft heart towards Him. I am finding that with GOD He doesn’t use boxes for anything really. Rather He instigates a spaciousness of being free, inventive, joyful, inspired and led by HOLY SPIRIT. ‘His boundaries fall in pleasant places’ as it says in the Bible, not in limited boxes. [Italics mine] A bit like ‘thinking outside of the square’ or in these cases, ‘living outside of the boxes’.

Kind of makes one want to ask Him first, before one sets off on any random adventure.

Yours in the journey,

Hugh Mann.

2 thoughts on “Dear Readers,

  1. I so liked this Carol. It’s the difference between us birthing an Ishmael and God birthing an Issac through us I think.Iv certainly tried to birth my own Issac and after much strenuous effort, finally came to the end of myself and died! (I hope). Without Him we can do nothing. He gets the glory when it’s Him working and His works.! I know how much I need grace so I hope I give grace to others when I see them trying to birth their Issacs through self effort.

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