Message in a Bottle…..

I ‘ve heard it said that ‘wine is like bottled poetry’, which I take it to mean that wine will loosen inhibitions when one partakes of it, thus bringing a seductive enjoyment to the one who imbibes. In a way I agree, for just as wine triggers a personal like or dislike to a particular brew, so too does poetry. One person may enjoy red wine and not white, and another may only like a certain wine etc etc. Thus someone may enjoy haiku poems and another not so much; some may partake of limericks whilst another will think that they are too cheap and lack depth. I believe it’s all a matter of personal taste. It is inhibiting to just stay with one variety of poetry when there are so many yet to be discovered and perhaps enjoyed! Therefore I am on a ‘poetry tasting trail’, keen to see just what is out there. Wheeeeeee…….!

Bottled poetry
for a personal palette
     needs to be uncorked.....

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