Beauty Sleep…..

 Disturbed through the night by a thunderous roar,
hubby stomped off rebuking my snore.
I found him next morning in a blanket of pink,
as he rudely pointed out he'd not slept a wink! 
'It can't have been me' I hastily said,
'for I heard not a thing tucked up in our bed.
In fact I slept well, bordering on soundly,
but I see my dear hubby it affects you profoundly.
Should it happen again just give me a nudge',
'I tried to', he said 'but you wouldn't budge!'
The moral to this story is try not to fuss
when snoring takes over it's actually a plus.
More room in the bed without any nudging
neither grumpy retorts nor a spouse who is judging. 
So snuggle right down and snore your heart out
for it won't bother you as you will hear nowt!

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