A Sobering Dream…..

I was dreaming…..

‘Driving through a nearby town I noticed a house on fire. Quickly stopping my car I ran over to see if I could help. There was no-one home thankfully but a neighbour also arrived to offer assistance. Grabbing a hose I began to squirt water onto the flames whilst calling out to the neighbour to ring the emergency number for the Fire Brigade. She didn’t think it was necessary as she thought the size of the fire didn’t warrant that. I quickly rushed inside the house, found the phone and dialed the emergency number, only to find I was talking to a TV presenter! I asked him if I had indeed connected to the Fire Dept to which he replied in the affirmative. Begging him to send a fire crew he nonchalantly said he would, perhaps. Repeating the nature of the emergency I insisted he send the fire crew immediately! This TV man unconvincingly said he would, and then wished me a ‘very happy Christmas!’ Next thing the owners of the house arrived home but they too were unfazed by the fire and were laughing saying it wasn’t serious, even as the flames were licking up the walls of the house by now. In the end I had to just drive away leaving them to their foolishness.’

The dream ended…..

And so it shall be in the last days: people unconvinced of the times we are living in, the media sharing their biased opinions as wisdom, as well as scoffers who ‘know better’. But there will be some who will be snatched from the fire of the wrath to come, as they suddenly realize their predicament of separation from GOD and call out to JESUS to be saved…..

[Jude v 17 – 25]

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    1. There are so many distractions happening in the world that many are not paying attention. However, the Gospel is powerful to save, and also to wake up the sleeping church. There is indeed a stirring going on as well as a sifting. My heart is being stirred these days like never before!

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