A Missed Encounter…..

Shopping at our local Mall today I noticed shops were beginning to display their Christmas stock already! It always seems far too soon. Anyway, there were santas, elves, reindeer, trees, lights and all kinds of cute creatures arranged to entice the customers inside to shop. But there was no sign of JESUS…..

As I drove out from the Mall’s carpark I noticed a man who was squatting in the middle of the road next to the traffic lights. He had a sign which read he needed blankets, furniture, food, and anything one could spare. He was begging. Stopped at the traffic lights there was nothing I could do as other cars were around me, all of us waiting for the lights to change. This man looked directly at me but I couldn’t hold his gaze for long as I felt so bad as I had nothing with me that I could give him, not even having any cash on me. The lights changed to green and off I drove…..

Once I got home I realized that JESUS had been on display all along, next to the traffic lights…..

One thought on “A Missed Encounter…..

  1. Brings to mind the story of the poor man who camped out at the rich mans gate.whose only friends were the dogs who licked his feet. When he died he went to heaven but the rich man didn’t.Hope for the least of these.The Kingdom’s made up of those the world considers weak and foolish.

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