Waxing Lyrical…..

I love the phrase ‘waxing lyrical’ and it certainly can be enthusiastically applied to anything one loves to do! It’s funny, for I wax lyrical about poetry, if I can find someone who also loves poetry. But therein lies the rub, for mostly that someone is shy to be exposed as a possible poetry lover. Therefore, to find like-minded folk online has boosted my enjoyment of poetry tremendously. I drink in your words as water in a parched land and thus I am refreshed and encouraged to journey on, with your ‘waxing lyrical’ words my companions. This is very much my journey with JESUS too. I can wax lyrical about Him, the Darling of Heaven, but to find someone who also desires to drink from the Living Waters is quite rare, apart from a few like-minded followers of JESUS. Once again, my online community is at hand and one finds refreshment and encouragement there. My companion for this journey is HOLY SPIRIT as He is always pointing the Way forward and without Him it would be a lonely sojourn indeed. He has promised that He will NEVER leave us or forsake us so every day we travel together into territory that is wonderful, yet a bit scary at times. GOD is with us…..

Waxing lyrical
about JESUS our Saviour.
Hallowed be His Name.....

Home Sweet Home…..

Days are going quickly
time is flying by,
is it just that I am older,
a fact that's not a lie.
Upon rising in the morning
until the setting sun
all the jobs I'd meant to do
still remain undone.
For time just gets away from me
with hours all whizzing past
I bet I'm not the first like this
and certainly not the last.
I no longer go on guilt trips
for they now serve no use
instead I like to stay at home
not needing an excuse.....

The Release from a Thromise…..

Over the last two days or so, I have become aware of words that were declared over me years ago that had left their mark. I was threatened, and if I didn’t comply to their demands I was then promised that there would be consequences. Today I chose to walk out from underneath those harmful words, and to continue onwards and upwards on my journey with JESUS.

[There is such a word as thromise!]

A threat or a promise
is a thromise no less;
that holds one to ransom
unless you confess
to their jurisdiction
of stagnant control.
If you continue to bow 
to this thromise keeper
you'll only be emmeshed
much deeper and deeper.
Walk away from their power
that hinders your progress
for your life is worth more
than their stronghold of 'less'.
Be bold and be brave
 dear one of His making, 
and allow the LORD JESUS
to take hold of the shaking.
You're the head, not the tail
so come out from the threats,
for JESUS has freed you 
from their perceived debts.
Forgive and release those
folk who've been mean,
it's the grace of GOD 
that then will redeem.....


Poets are storytellers, albeit in shorthand. What might take a writer of stories many months, and words, to complete a particular story, poets tend to use far less ‘wordy’ information when presenting a scene or situation. I like that, for my brain likes to get to the point and not have to provide endless detail. It’s the same with conversations. Some folk prefer to fill the ears of their audience with their opinions and expertise not even noticing that perhaps those receptors have already shut off. I am not good at padding conversations so I’m not always the life of the party so to speak, but I do listen and observe, quietly taking in things all around. Maybe that is the difference between being a writer per se and a poet. A writer tends to profusely exhale their thoughts and ideas onto paper whereas a poet will inhale from the scenes around them before quietly exhaling the crafted result with a few succinct words. Yet both are thinkers, and complement each other’s ways of presenting to the world their stories. Both are needed…..

Two Bridges…..

A bridge
mortal doorway
for sojourners to cross,
man-made from 
concrete and steel
 providing access for crossing over
from old life to no life.
A toll will be demanded.

The Bridge
portal Doorway 
for sinners to cross,
GOD-made and man-made
from Blood and Holy Spirit
providing access for crossing over
from old life to new Life.
JESUS has fully paid.....

The Least of These…..

A beggar looks hopefully,
 with eyes reminding me of JESUS,
to see if my heart will melt.
It does, so I give him money.
 He thanks me through
 a gentle toothless smile
and calls me 'Miss'.
Will he spend it on food,
 meth or perhaps cheap wine?
I do not know for the
unraveling is unseen
yet essentially Divine.....

Gently Through the Hard Places…..

Some days are difficult whilst others are gentle,
but do we get to choose?
Maybe the difficult days are meant to be,
producing stamina within us even though 
it doesn't feel like it at the time...
Gentle days are soft and kind with a deep
appreciation for what is.
Even if we don't get to choose,
all is well, for opposites attract they say,
with difficult looking to gentle and gentle
soothing the savage beast called difficult.
Both are needed.....

The Matinee Poet…..

This morning, out of nowhere, the phrase ‘a matinee poet’ came to mind. Now I have never heard this expression before and I’m not sure that there is such a thing. However, methinks it may just describe yours truly. Matinees are shown in the afternoon, usually movies for general viewing, or a circus for families, or various shows of various genres. Other, more highbrow shows/movies etc are held in the evening, where people dress up a bit more, dine out either before or after, and which generally cater for the adult intellect. I do wish I could write such poems, that one can dine out and dress up for, as a special occasion. But nope, I’m definitely a matinee poet, but that’s okay too, for matinees serve a purpose within their own identity. I feel a matinee poem coming on!

Grab your popcorn folks
the show is about to start
so slouch and enjoy.....

Switching Off…..

There's a buzzing in my head
from all the words they said
and as I'm lying in my bed
I just cannot stop the thread!

Around and around it goes
stitching worry as it sews
 thoughts and doubts that pose
no chance for me to doze!

Eventually I fall asleep,
with my blankets in a heap,
successfully counting sheep,
 tonight's thoughts will keep.

The Meaning of the Cross…..

  Centuries long ago
  on this old wooden
Cross JESUS hung
and died so that
through His death
we might have new life and forgiveness from sin and death.
He took the punishment that should have been ours from
the outset as we are all sinners with not one of us perfect.
The cry goes out to
repent and to look
at the One Who died
for us on the Cross
 His Blood poured out
 for all of mankind.
Today is the day of
salvation. Repent of
your sins, asking Him
   to reign in your heart.