What’s For Dinner?

What's for dinner tonight Ma?
What's for dinner tonight?
I am hungry as a horse Ma,
and could do with a hefty bite.

No salad and greens for me Ma,
no salads and greens for me;
please may I have a nice chop Ma,
with a bone as big as can be?

You know I'm a growing lad Ma,
you know I'm a growing lad;
 pile up my plate would you please Ma,
anything less would make me sad.

What's that frown on your face Ma?
What's that frown on your face?
I sense that you're none too pleased Ma,
and you wish I would know my place.

Leftovers will do just fine Ma,
leftovers will do just fine;
your meals are always real nice Ma
I'm sorry I stepped out of line.....

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