A Paradoxical Post…..

Sometimes being ‘serious’ overtakes me and I need to rein in any frivolity that may attempt to ambush me, for ‘serious’ does have its part to play. I seem to waver between the two but I’m learning to relax with both – serious and frivolity. You may notice that often my poems also waver between the two. One minute the poetry is serious, the next humorous. Both are parts of me. When it comes to writing poetry about JESUS I am very serious although I also know that the LORD does have a delightful sense of humour! So there is the paradox of penning poems for this poet [trying saying that ten times fast!]

I thought I would add a ‘haiku’ poem to this wee confession and make it a ‘haibun’ post…..

When being profound
I end up rolling around,
laughing my head off!

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