Always Learning…..

The more I write poetry the more I am discovering all the various formats one can use! My favourite presently is the ‘haiku’ format but there are other formats that I’m now attempting as well. For example, haibun; cinquain; tanka; as well as writing ‘flash fiction’ stories, for which I use a very old fashioned term – storiettes. It must be my love for order that I am choosing to mostly write poems where their assigned syllables create a rhythm, to be tapped out on my desk when constructing said poems. Hey, I even do this tapping when lying in bed at night, as my mind swirls with poetic ideas. No one knows that I do this but I bet I’m not the only one who uses this form of undetected tapping when putting poetic words together!

Here is an example of a ‘nonet’ poem, which involves quite a bit of tapping! It uses 45 syllables descending in order from 9 down to 1, using 9 lines altogether. Go on, tap out the syllables and you just might get hooked too!

I've learnt what a nonet poem is
first line nine syllables followed 
by eight syllables tapped out
and so on and so forth
lines getting shorter
until they stop
on a dime.

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