Super Gran…..

Oh dear, Mildred!
Who has permed your hair?
It's looking rather tightly curled
or don't you really care?

I think I see a bird's nest
within that ball of fluff
would've not a simple blow wave
actually been enough?

As well as going curly
your hair is looking blue!
Was this intentional Mildred,
please tell me that's not true!

I know it's not my business
but I'll tell you anyway,
it doesn't really suit you
please listen to what I say!

Tut, tut, Mildred,
your language is rather coarse,
I was only trying to help you
not my opinions on you force.

Keep your hair just as it is,
for you know just where's it at;
rock the look and good for you!
Just don't try it on your cat!

4 thoughts on “Super Gran…..

  1. Hilarious! You had me grinning from the beginning. By the way, Carol, did you draw the “Unraveling” picture that is the theme of your blog? It’s so clever and so unique? I love that style. 🙂

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  2. Hi Dora. Glad you enjoyed the poem! No, I didn’t do the artwork on my main page. If you scroll down on the ‘About’ page you will see the attribution there as regards the artist. I love that style of art as well.


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