The Spin Doctor…..

The washing machine's on the blink,
the spin cycle just won't go;
too much soap or something else?
The repairman will surely know.

Well he comes soon after I phone,
my confidence starts to soar;
I greet him with a cheery hello
and let him in the front door.

Mr. Fixit asks me some questions,
like what is the sound that it makes,
and whether it washes the clothes at all,
and just how long does it take?

I explain that it washes just fine
but on spin it refuses to go;
the noise that is issuing forth
is a spinner that's running on slow.

Well just by turning it on
the man has huge success,
with the machine behaving correctly
and spinning the clothes no less!

With egg on my face I thank him
for coming so promptly to me;
he quickly hands me an invoice
for an astronomical fee!

The machine is watching me slyly
as I show the man to the door;
and I swear I can hear it laughing
in cahoots with Murphy's Law!