Autocorrect Mayhem…..

Autocorrect texting
 at times will annoy,
when sending a message
 that 'it' may employ;
to throw a curved ball
 right out of the park
leaves the recipient
 lost in the dark.
You quickly send a text
 to correct the first one,
saying sorry old chap
 my phone's having fun;
what I meant to say
 has gone somewhat wonky,
instead of okey dokey 
you received okey donkey!
I re-text him to order
 some good Bircher's muesli,
as that is the breakfast
 I love to eat usually.
But my phone then produces
 a text of revulsion
as it orders for me
 some Butcher's emulsion!
Just how it interpreted
 my breakfast to slop 
causes me earnestly
 to wish it would stop!
So now I am careful
 to re-read before send
in case I'll incur
 a hostile 'unfriend'!