Free to Be…..

Is there such a thing as eclectic poetry or even an eclectic poet? Absolutely yes! If there isn’t then I am up the creek without a paddle, or is that without a canoe? We are learning things all of the time, whether we are aware of it or not, which in turn contributes in an ongoing way to one’s ‘self’. Life is very interesting and with the ongoing layering of information, education, circumstances, situations etc. etc., I am finding that GOD actually unravels and reveals one’s true self if we are open to Him. HE sees our heart, our core, our original footprint if you like, but we quite often cover up ourselves with general conditioning. The point I am trying to convey is that Divine unraveling is a wonderful occurrence, for it takes off that conditioning that hides us and that causes us to be ‘acceptable’ to the world. I am discovering, and can now openly admit, that I am indeed an eclectic poet who writes eclectic poetry! Yay!!! No wonder when I put pen to paper my poems come from different angles, different styles, and with different genres. Sometimes they’re serious, sometimes humorous and sometimes nonsensical but at least now I understand that it is OK!

I think it is called freedom…..

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