Creaky Bits…..

Well its happened to me
and it's happened to him,
this getting up and going complaint;
that strikes every morning,
no matter what,
getting younger we certainly aint!

We creak and groan and
hold onto our backs
as each morning we start a new day;
with stiff and sore joints 
now letting us know
our bodies have begun their decay.

It's not fair this aging,
we moan to each other,
we're sure we're still young and match fit;
but it's obvious to us,
and to others likewise,
our bodies would much rather sit!

So with vitamins, herbs
plus plenty of water,
we attempt to turn back the clock;
and decide to walk and
to even do stretches
in spite of the body's tick tock.

A week or so later when
we stop to draw breath
perhaps we're a smidgen more fitter;
and for those of us who
have dozens of 'friends'
we record our slight progress on Twitter!

Yep, we're up with the play
like the younger set now,
our lives there for all to take note;
but somewhere within
our reality states that
we've missed the fit flexible boat!