The Wind Blows…..

Dear Readers,

Hugh Mann here once again. I’ve been sitting at my desk, thoughtfully gazing out the window, and noticed that the wind was blowing quite vigorously. This has got me to thinking about the HOLY SPIRIT, Who is often referred to as the Wind of the Spirit. We cannot ‘see’ the wind neither can we ‘see’ the HOLY SPIRIT but that doesn’t mean both are not real. What does become obvious is that we can see the effects of the natural wind blowing and we can see the effects of the Wind of the Spirit! The natural wind will often change direction, even turning completely around before we realize. The Wind of the Spirit, that is, the HOLY SPIRIT, is more than willing and able to turn us completely around too! To have a real relationship with the HOLY SPIRIT is quite possible, with Him actually desiring our fellowship. You see dear readers, GOD is a Triune GOD with the HOLY SPIRIT just as much GOD as is JESUS, as is the FATHER. You will discover that you can talk with All or to any One of Them, anytime you desire fellowship. It is the HOLY SPIRIT Who is our Helper and our Comforter so it behoves us to revere Him as well. HE will always point us to JESUS so you don’t need to be concerned about not acknowledging JESUS.

Sometimes we need the embrace of the FATHER, other times we lift up the Name of JESUS, and there are times where all we can say is ‘Help, HOLY SPIRIT!’ Remember, HOLY SPIRIT is not just a vapor of mist wafting around us. HE is just as real as the FATHER and JESUS, Whom we also cannot see. But by faith we acknowledge Their existence, and Their love, which completely changes us.

Blow on our lives sweet SPIRIT of GOD…..

Blessings to you my fellow sojourners,

Hugh Mann.