Making Excuses…..

Why is it so that when it comes to saying no,
we often say yes instead;
is it 'cause we want to please,
or the moment seize,
that we answer in the opposite thread?

To please other folk often means a heavy yoke
that we tend to bear unfairly;
so why don't we choose
to instead refuse,
but that happens far too rarely.

Perhaps when they ask for help with a task,
we could say with a smile so sweet;
'I'm sorry but I can't
as I need to see my Aunt',
and then beat a hasty retreat!

2 thoughts on “Making Excuses…..

  1. Iv so learnt this the hard way but after practicing over and over with the lord I think finally won the victory many times when practicing would say yes and then have to go back and say no that was ok as well in the learning process

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