Too much fertilizer on the mint
shrivels the green leaves to burnt brown.
Bother! Thought it was okay.
Too much of a good thing
or just the wrong sort?
Mint condition
no longer.
Ah well,

The Trees of the Fields…..

I heard a sound
and on turning around
I could see the trees were clapping;
and within the field
these trees did yield
to an unseen rhythm of tapping.

With joy and peace
they did not cease
from their encouraging applause;
and then I knew
that they took their cue
from my faith and also yours.

For when we go out
 the hills will shout
and the trees will clap their hands;
as we speak GOD's Word
so hearts are stirred,
 bringing hope to distant lands.

Och Aye…..

A tartan man, from a tartan clan,
came down through the highland heather;
on a mission he was, all of because,
a lassie who was light as a feather.

This tartan man, from a tartan clan,
was all brawn with muscles that rippled;
by declaring his love to this bonnie wee dove,
he now knew his chances had tripled.

So the tartan man, from the tartan clan,
went down upon bended knee;
and producing a ring, which made her heart sing,
he asked, 'Please wid ye marry ta me?'

Thus the tartan man, from a tartan clan,
gathered up his bonnie new wife;
and carried her home, no longer to roam,
together to start their new life.....

What’s For Dinner?

What's for dinner tonight Ma?
What's for dinner tonight?
I am hungry as a horse Ma,
and could do with a hefty bite.

No salad and greens for me Ma,
no salads and greens for me;
please may I have a nice chop Ma,
with a bone as big as can be?

You know I'm a growing lad Ma,
you know I'm a growing lad;
 pile up my plate would you please Ma,
anything less would make me sad.

What's that frown on your face Ma?
What's that frown on your face?
I sense that you're none too pleased Ma,
and you wish I would know my place.

Leftovers will do just fine Ma,
leftovers will do just fine;
your meals are always real nice Ma
I'm sorry I stepped out of line.....

Summer Sonnet…..

Sizzling Summer days
following hard after Spring
goodbye cold Winter

moth-balled clothes released
from the back of the wardrobe
short sleeves needed now

woolen garments hung
with fresh mothballs now hidden
changing of the guard

and so the pattern
continues year after year
recycling of clothes

Divine order of seasons
bringing their own sense of style.

A Paradoxical Post…..

Sometimes being ‘serious’ overtakes me and I need to rein in any frivolity that may attempt to ambush me, for ‘serious’ does have its part to play. I seem to waver between the two but I’m learning to relax with both – serious and frivolity. You may notice that often my poems also waver between the two. One minute the poetry is serious, the next humorous. Both are parts of me. When it comes to writing poetry about JESUS I am very serious although I also know that the LORD does have a delightful sense of humour! So there is the paradox of penning poems for this poet [trying saying that ten times fast!]

I thought I would add a ‘haiku’ poem to this wee confession and make it a ‘haibun’ post…..

When being profound
I end up rolling around,
laughing my head off!

Born-again By His SPIRIT…..

How can you love others 
when you can't love yourself,
is it a bridge too far?
Perhaps you've been hidden
 away on a shelf
unaware of just who you are.

It is time for you now
 to come into view
and to stand in the place of knowing;
 to take the helm
within your own boat you've been rowing.

And as you surrender
 to His loving Grace
you will find yourself hidden in Him;
with His great Glory Light
 outshining all others
allowing your sails to be trimmed.

Once blind, you will see,
 for GOD will release
the Wind of His Spirit to blow,
which in turn your identity,
 that was foreign to you,
 will thus be revealed and you'll know.....

Breakfast in Bed…..

I've brought you breakfast in bed,
eggs, bacon and toasted bread.
Wait now, is that what you said?
It is? Enjoy and be fed!

This is brand new for me thanks to Jan Beek’s post about the poetry format called ‘tanaga’. It is Filipino in origin and is comprised of 4 lines, each line with 7 syllables, with each end word of each line rhyming.

Always Learning…..

The more I write poetry the more I am discovering all the various formats one can use! My favourite presently is the ‘haiku’ format but there are other formats that I’m now attempting as well. For example, haibun; cinquain; tanka; as well as writing ‘flash fiction’ stories, for which I use a very old fashioned term – storiettes. It must be my love for order that I am choosing to mostly write poems where their assigned syllables create a rhythm, to be tapped out on my desk when constructing said poems. Hey, I even do this tapping when lying in bed at night, as my mind swirls with poetic ideas. No one knows that I do this but I bet I’m not the only one who uses this form of undetected tapping when putting poetic words together!

Here is an example of a ‘nonet’ poem, which involves quite a bit of tapping! It uses 45 syllables descending in order from 9 down to 1, using 9 lines altogether. Go on, tap out the syllables and you just might get hooked too!

I've learnt what a nonet poem is
first line nine syllables followed 
by eight syllables tapped out
and so on and so forth
lines getting shorter
until they stop
on a dime.