The Battle Belongs to the LORD…..

How do we fight our battles, as followers of JESUS CHRIST? Do we revert to the ways of the world with vitriolic speech, finger pointing and self-righteous posturing? Nope, that’s not how we fight our battles. Instead we go to the One Who intercedes on our behalf and we give Him our petitions and prayers, for any situation, with thanksgiving.

Remember, our weapons of warfare are not carnal but are mighty and Divinely powerful as to the pulling down of strongholds. GOD is ‘for us’ and as we cry out to JESUS we are powerfully enabled through prayer to gain the victory. The HOLY SPIRIT also helps us to pray effectively, so in other words we have all of Heaven on our side!

Sometimes the travail is intense as the battle rages, but our hope is fixed dearhearts on Him, JESUS, Who can do far more abundantly than what we could ever imagine. Therefore let’s lift up our heads with praise, petitions and prayer, for the battle belongs to the LORD and He will bring us through triumphantly!