Smile for the Camera…..

Do you hate to have your photo taken
especially when you're told,
we need it for the family album
now smile and keep that hold.
So reluctantly you do comply
making sure the tum's tucked in,
and before you let your breath back out
you elevate your chin!

The cry goes out to now 'say cheese!,
and try not to blink your eyes',
but history proves it once again
closed lids are no surprise!
Just when you think you're off the hook
the shutterbug says 'wait!
just in case that one's no good
we'll do another take!'

Now after about some twenty minutes
you become quite aggravated,
for lack of breathing has taken its toll
and you've hyperventilated!
Then when the photos are developed
and shown to folk around,
there you are right in the front,
posed gasping on the ground!

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