A Life of Intention…..

There is a sound coming forth from the earth, the earth that groans to birth that which GOD created and intended. Is it the sound of Sons and Daughters being revealed? Who knows, for the sound is presently muffled…

Wait! I sense purposeful wriggling underground, and a sound of ‘enough!’ coming through. Is this a worm that is beginning to turn? If it is then there is something this lowly worm needs and that is courage. Dear little worm, you can do it! Don’t worry about a blackbird’s beak snapping at you if your head rises up through the dunghill! Don’t worry if you get stepped on the moment you surface! For to remain underground and hidden will mean staying out of the Light. Even certain death, if you never come through the layers of soil that have fallen off others soles, and which have covered you as a result.

Push through! It’s closer than you think! In fact it is only one self-expressed opinion away. It doesn’t have to be right or wrong, just to please man. Rather let it loose from your heart with Love and in Truth. You are accepted Beloved, therefore you can speak!

Hurrah! You’ve surfaced! Now little worm, you have stories to write, plans to be activated, new vistas to explore! Maybe you are a worm that becomes a fisher of men? Perhaps you are of the variety that tills the soil to help others grow? Even maybe a bookworm who has volumes to write or to speak! It doesn’t matter, yet what does matter is that you fulfil your Divine destiny, as GOD intended for you all along…..