A Disturbance…..

Dear Readers,

Hugh Mann here again. There’s been a disturbance, not in the neighbourhood but rather in my mind! My feathers are ruffled, with both my emotions and intellect in overdrive. So what on earth has happened you may well ask? Well, I don’t wish to bore you with the details as they’re not important, but instead I’d like to share how I am dealing with this disturbing situation.

The word, ‘disturbed’, centered itself smack bang in front of me soon after the ruffling started. I felt disturbed and I was disturbed, there’s no doubt about that! The LORD said for me to look it up in His Word, the Bible, and there it was, all through Psalm 42 and Psalm 43. Here the Psalmist is complaining, mostly to himself, asking why his soul, his mind, had become so disturbed within him. He was having a right old moan! By the end of his rant he reaches the conclusion that the only way to overcome this disturbance of mind that he was experiencing, was to call on GOD to send out His Light and His Truth. He knew that these two things would bring him back into GOD’s Presence.

And so dear folks, this is what I, Hugh Mann, decided to do too. As I journeyed through these two psalms the LORD did indeed shine His Light, speaking His Truth to me. Consequently this brought me into His Presence once more. Here I received His comfort and His peace, with the result that the disturbance within me dissipated, and my sanity was restored! Oh happy days!

Honestly, you would think I would have learnt by now, but we human beings are fickle creatures and sometimes we just revert back to our default status of ‘woe is me’ when stuff happens! So, a good lesson for me today. Maybe this account will also help you, as I suspect being disturbed from time to time isn’t peculiar only to this old chap!

Yours peacefully,

Hugh Mann.

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