A Change of Heart…..

There once lived a man named Paul,
who used to be known as Saul;
but GOD called him out,
and changed him about,
thus bringing new life to all.

Saul was a brutal persecutor of Christians. He was stopped in his tracks by GOD, resulting in his conversion. From then on he was known as Paul and He preached the Gospel for the remainder of his life. On our own journeys through life, GOD will often waylay us too. HE will present to us the opportunity to receive JESUS as our LORD and SAVIOUR, however it is up to us whether we respond or not. The first time that GOD waylaid me I was 17yrs of age and had been forced to go to a Billy Graham meeting. The invitation was given to receive CHRIST but I turned my back and walked away. It would be another 12 years before I met GOD again on my journey. This time His Light broke through my self-righteousness and I responded by acknowledging His Grace and Love for me. HE changed me on the spot and I have never been the same again. For that I will be eternally grateful and soooo relieved that GOD had not given up on me!

You may say ‘well GOD has never met me on the road of my life’, but maybe, just maybe, you did not hear nor see Him, or even recognize Him. HE won’t give up on you for He loves you! Incline your heart and your thoughts towards JESUS and ask Him to meet with you. HE will, if you earnestly desire to know Him for He waits to hear you call on His Name. For all who call on the Name of JESUS will be saved…..

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