A Meditation…..

Adonai Ori, GOD is my Light and my salvation! Whom shall I fear? The LORD is the defense of my life! Whom shall I dread? What an encouragement found in the beginning of Psalm 27. I’m sitting at my computer and these words are front and centre so I have just started typing to see where HOLY SPIRIT leads me with this. It appears He wants me to meditate on these words, as if He knows I need reminding of them! Maybe we all do, especially when the times we are experiencing today bring anxiety and worry to many. Conspiracy theories abound! World politics are all over the place, pushing and shoving to gain position and power. Jobs are on the line for many with financial worries burning deep. In fact it seems the news today is all doom and gloom…

But, GOD!

HE is The Light that guides us so we don’t need to be afraid. HE, JESUS, is our salvation, our saving Grace and our Defender! Therefore we do not need to dread the present time nor the future. Such Amazing Grace that brings us through the difficult times and the hard places. Such Amazing Love that hugs us close to His heart. Such Brilliant Light that shines in the darkness so that we are able to see the way ahead…..