It Ain’t My First Rodeo…..

‘It ain’t my first rodeo’ is a pertinent saying as regards to experiencing, learning, accomplishing and persevering in life. We may experience difficulties and challenges in life but we learn to get back up on that horse and to continue to ride. And therein lies the secret of surviving and thriving in a world that can be harsh, often presenting us with circumstances and situations that are beyond our control. Maturing takes place as time goes by if we don’t weaken or give up, with perseverance having its own reward as we continue our journey through this life.

Personally speaking I have been through some tough places in life which would have taken me out if I hadn’t got back up on that horse! And now, if a similar situation comes knocking I can confidently say ‘this ain’t my first rodeo’ and therefore I’m not fazed or dismayed anymore, being confident that I can deal with it. I find that GOD encourages me with – ‘We’ve got this kiddo, as it ain’t My first rodeo either!’ So I ride with Him, for He rides the Heavens…..