The Battle Belongs to the LORD…..

How do we fight our battles, as followers of JESUS CHRIST? Do we revert to the ways of the world with vitriolic speech, finger pointing and self-righteous posturing? Nope, that’s not how we fight our battles. Instead we go to the One Who intercedes on our behalf and we give Him our petitions and prayers, for any situation, with thanksgiving.

Remember, our weapons of warfare are not carnal but are mighty and Divinely powerful as to the pulling down of strongholds. GOD is ‘for us’ and as we cry out to JESUS we are powerfully enabled through prayer to gain the victory. The HOLY SPIRIT also helps us to pray effectively, so in other words we have all of Heaven on our side!

Sometimes the travail is intense as the battle rages, but our hope is fixed dearhearts on Him, JESUS, Who can do far more abundantly than what we could ever imagine. Therefore let’s lift up our heads with praise, petitions and prayer, for the battle belongs to the LORD and He will bring us through triumphantly!

Smile for the Camera…..

Do you hate to have your photo taken
especially when you're told,
we need it for the family album
now smile and keep that hold.
So reluctantly you do comply
making sure the tum's tucked in,
and before you let your breath back out
you elevate your chin!

The cry goes out to now 'say cheese!,
and try not to blink your eyes',
but history proves it once again
closed lids are no surprise!
Just when you think you're off the hook
the shutterbug says 'wait!
just in case that one's no good
we'll do another take!'

Now after about some twenty minutes
you become quite aggravated,
for lack of breathing has taken its toll
and you've hyperventilated!
Then when the photos are developed
and shown to folk around,
there you are right in the front,
posed gasping on the ground!

A Glitch in Time…..

I was doing something, I'm sure I was,
but I can't remember right now because
my mind has completely gone quite blank.
I'll retrace my steps and stop and pause,
with no-one looking or loud applause,
until the penny drops with a grateful clank!

What a Friend We Have…..

I just want to lay my head
upon my LORD's broad shoulder;
as a friend in need would do
as this world becomes much colder.
For it's becoming darker,
but with JESUS there is Light,
so I'll fix my eyes upon His face
and keep Him within my sight.....

Slugs, Snails & Epic Tales…..

The postman came and the postman went,
was there mail in the box that someone had sent?
I bent down low to take a good look,
hoping I would see my longed-for book.
But in the letterbox were slugs and a snail
that had chewed their way right through my mail!
Scraps of paper were all that remained
with original letters all matted and stained!
My book wasn't there, I was much relieved,
if that had been chewed I would have been peeved.
So I continue to wait for my Epic Tale,
with a new understanding of the old snail mail!

Divine Relationship…..

An old fashioned quill, presented and still,
waited for the writer's grip.
It was empty of ink and needed a drink,
even just one little sip.
As the scribes hand, reached for the stand
another Hand then intervened;
 JESUS Himself, took the pen from the shelf
wanting to use it, it seemed.
In the blink of an eye, the writer knew why,
as the LORD then began to smile;
He tickled the scribe, who belonged to His tribe,
enjoying the fun for awhile!
Who would have thought, a quill could have brought,
such laughter to FATHER and daughter;
by this loving act it became a true fact
that JESUS was not bricks and mortar!


I wish to bring to your attention
the lovely word 'salubrious',
I love the sound it makes
as it rolls right off my tongue.
By saying it out loud
it makes me sound gregarious,
a little bit Italian
and a whole lot of fun!

It makes me rather dubious,
or is it that I'm curious,
why we seldom ever hear
this special word today.
I would be disappointed
and perhaps a little furious
if salubrious expressions
were taken all away.

Salubrious means healthy
and is not at all injurious,
with pleasant connotations
which bring so much respect.
This word is real and honest
and never slightly spurious,
so for lively conversations
it's a word we can select!