Thinking Out Loud…..

Whenever I’ve penned words that are serious, I am compelled afterwards to attempt to apprehend any unease, in order to soften the blow that ‘serious’ may cause. It’s a fault of mine, this smoothing of the imagined ruffled receptors of any likely readers. You see, I am afraid I might offend or injure delicate souls. Yet I suspect they are more hardy than me, and they will lightly brush off any perceived, on my part, offense. Actually, truth be known I am not important, nor am I pertinent to their thoughts and already informed ideas. They may listen with feigned interest or perhaps might even enjoy some of my sharings but how is one to know? That’s the art of conversation, of the reading of poetry or storiettes – you just cannot gauge the reactions following. I think that is how it’s meant to be. So I run the gauntlet each and every time, and am slowly but surely, learning to give my ego the necessary respite from expected judgements or soothing strokes. All is well…..