The Shulamite Bride…..

Who are you dear woman, with hope in your eyes?
And why do you wait for the yearned for prize
of a marriage that's promised ahead in time?
Surely He tarries yet you've set your face squarely,
watching and waiting for Him Whom has fairly
spoken His promise of betrothal to you.

You appear to be sure with no shadow of doubt,
gazing from your door whilst you keenly look out
for your Groom to come leaping from high on the hill.
'Hurry!' you call out to your soon coming Groom,
having prepared yourself to go to His Room;
with your heart full of love and longed-for desire.

This promise of marriage is now not far off
even though others ridicule you and scoff;
but they do not know Him, the One Whom you love.
'Where is this groom who you think you will marry,
and why is he late and why does he tarry?'
But your eyes and your ears are focused on Him.....