An Open Letter…..

Dear Reader,
Hello there! My name is Hugh Mann and I just want to 
expound my two cents worth here. I'm ordinary in many 
respects, but at the same time I am extraordinary! This is
 because I am made in the image of GOD Himself and 
that fact alone makes me extraordinary indeed!
Yes, I'm fallible, fragile at times yet extremely non 
fragile too, loving, caring, sensitive, tender-hearted, 
and an all round great guy. However, I can also be 
hateful, uncaring, unkind, egotistical, a bit of a 
narcissus, and have the ability to be an all round bad guy.
So, what on earth is going on with me you 
may well ask? I'm saying I'm made in GOD's image so 
does He have these split characteristics? No way Jose!
 That's because He is GOD and I am not, and by being
 a part of the human race I have inherited a lot of bad
 qualities that originate from the actual fallen state of mankind. 
Not one of us is perfect! That's not an excuse may 
I firmly state, but a fact. You try and show me a perfect person. 
You won't find a single one on the face of this planet, 
either in the past, present or future. 
There is only One Who was, and is, perfect 
and that is JESUS CHRIST. He came as the Son of GOD and 
the son of man, which relates to Him being conceived by 
the HOLY SPIRIT and born to a virgin woman. 
But He still didn't sin - not once.
So, am I a lost cause? Nope, because GOD made a way to 
conquer this dilemma once and for all because of His great 
love for us. Beats me why He loves us all so much as He has 
more than enough reasons to not bother with any of us.
However, He really does care and by sending His one and 
only begotten [conceived] Son, JESUS, to live and die on 
our behalf. JESUS took the punishment for our sins and 
provided the only Way out for us. You will find the written 
account of this in the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and 
John, in the Bible. There you will find the answers, even
 as I did, if you are genuinely searching for the Truth.
So that's it from me for now.
Yours most sincerely,
The Extraordinary Hugh Mann.