Ode to the Violet…..

Roses are red,
violets are blue
but actually they're not,
let me tell you!
Violets are purple,
which is difficult to rhyme,
and to find the right word
has taken some time.
In fact I've given up
as it's really too hard,
for this amateurish poet
who's not exactly a bard.
So violets remain blue,
for the sake of tradition,
with their colour clarified
by this little rendition!

The Hedgehog…..

Oh what sheer delight I happened to stumble upon this evening, when out on my lawn I spied a hedgehog! This is the middle of suburbia, the busy metropolis, where wildlife is supposedly extinct! But there it was, snuffling around looking for any hapless grubs and bugs that might also be having an evening stroll.

I stood there, hidden from its sight so as not to disturb its movements, and watched with rapt attention. It appeared to be an adult animal as it was quite large and independent, walking rapidly with adult confidence and intent.

This has made my day! Dear hedgehog, thank you for such simple pleasure you have brought to this human soul tonight. I bid you goodnight and good foraging!

A Chocolate Lament…..

Who ate all the cake,
it really is not fair!
Someone else got in first
as I waited for my share.
It was chocolate cake
with whipped cream filling
and icing on the top;
the greedy folk who ate it all
should've known when to stop!
I hope their tummies are too full
with bellyaches all around;
the greedy sods deserve this end
as my share was never found!

Thinking Out Loud…..

Whenever I’ve penned words that are serious, I am compelled afterwards to attempt to apprehend any unease, in order to soften the blow that ‘serious’ may cause. It’s a fault of mine, this smoothing of the imagined ruffled receptors of any likely readers. You see, I am afraid I might offend or injure delicate souls. Yet I suspect they are more hardy than me, and they will lightly brush off any perceived, on my part, offense. Actually, truth be known I am not important, nor am I pertinent to their thoughts and already informed ideas. They may listen with feigned interest or perhaps might even enjoy some of my sharings but how is one to know? That’s the art of conversation, of the reading of poetry or storiettes – you just cannot gauge the reactions following. I think that is how it’s meant to be. So I run the gauntlet each and every time, and am slowly but surely, learning to give my ego the necessary respite from expected judgements or soothing strokes. All is well…..

The Shulamite Bride…..

Who are you dear woman, with hope in your eyes?
And why do you wait for the yearned for prize
of a marriage that's promised ahead in time?
Surely He tarries yet you've set your face squarely,
watching and waiting for Him Whom has fairly
spoken His promise of betrothal to you.

You appear to be sure with no shadow of doubt,
gazing from your door whilst you keenly look out
for your Groom to come leaping from high on the hill.
'Hurry!' you call out to your soon coming Groom,
having prepared yourself to go to His Room;
with your heart full of love and longed-for desire.

This promise of marriage is now not far off
even though others ridicule you and scoff;
but they do not know Him, the One Whom you love.
'Where is this groom who you think you will marry,
and why is he late and why does he tarry?'
But your eyes and your ears are focused on Him.....

Does GOD Know My Name?

'Does GOD know my name?', the little boy asked,
'and will He talk on my ipad to me?'
I assured him his name was known by GOD
Who would help him to hear and to see.

'GOD's voice is quiet and is heard in your heart,'
I said to this dear little lad.
'He loves you so much, and calls you by name
in your heart, not by phone or ipad.'

'I'll go visit GOD on his island,' he said,
'and see Him and talk to Him there.'
So I explained about Heaven and GOD in his heart
in order to make him aware.

This lovely wee chap took this onboard
understanding this whole new idea,
of GOD in his heart, Who loved him for sure,
and Who whispered for him to come near.....

An Open Letter…..

Dear Reader,
Hello there! My name is Hugh Mann and I just want to 
expound my two cents worth here. I'm ordinary in many 
respects, but at the same time I am extraordinary! This is
 because I am made in the image of GOD Himself and 
that fact alone makes me extraordinary indeed!
Yes, I'm fallible, fragile at times yet extremely non 
fragile too, loving, caring, sensitive, tender-hearted, 
and an all round great guy. However, I can also be 
hateful, uncaring, unkind, egotistical, a bit of a 
narcissus, and have the ability to be an all round bad guy.
So, what on earth is going on with me you 
may well ask? I'm saying I'm made in GOD's image so 
does He have these split characteristics? No way Jose!
 That's because He is GOD and I am not, and by being
 a part of the human race I have inherited a lot of bad
 qualities that originate from the actual fallen state of mankind. 
Not one of us is perfect! That's not an excuse may 
I firmly state, but a fact. You try and show me a perfect person. 
You won't find a single one on the face of this planet, 
either in the past, present or future. 
There is only One Who was, and is, perfect 
and that is JESUS CHRIST. He came as the Son of GOD and 
the son of man, which relates to Him being conceived by 
the HOLY SPIRIT and born to a virgin woman. 
But He still didn't sin - not once.
So, am I a lost cause? Nope, because GOD made a way to 
conquer this dilemma once and for all because of His great 
love for us. Beats me why He loves us all so much as He has 
more than enough reasons to not bother with any of us.
However, He really does care and by sending His one and 
only begotten [conceived] Son, JESUS, to live and die on 
our behalf. JESUS took the punishment for our sins and 
provided the only Way out for us. You will find the written 
account of this in the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and 
John, in the Bible. There you will find the answers, even
 as I did, if you are genuinely searching for the Truth.
So that's it from me for now.
Yours most sincerely,
The Extraordinary Hugh Mann.

Only Believe…..

She closed her eyes and imagined
all the things that she could be,
a writer, painter or teacher perhaps,
in her mind where she could see.
No ifs or buts were in that place,
only imagined hopes and dreams,
where she could venture bravely on
over mountains and flowing streams.
With eyes shut tight to freely think,
any failure wasn't able to feature,
for here she was a valiant soul,
an adventurous, new-born creature.
But this warrior child must open her eyes
and instead by faith walk through,
for her life was more than possible
with all she had dreamed to do.....

On Holy Ground…..

I heard the sound of angels wings
as I bowed my head to pray;
they gathered all around the room,
to hear what I would say.
The atmosphere was quiet
and not a sound was heard;
with eyes now closed I began to speak
and uttered just one word,
Suddenly the room erupted
with a deafening shout of praise;
as the angels stood in one accord
to worship the Ancient of Days!
'Holy! Holy! Holy!' 
Echoed all around,
and I knew without a moments doubt
that I stood on Holy Ground!

Eyes to See…..

LORD what did You see
when You looked at me,
was I someone worth dying for?
With my filthy rags and heart full of pride
could You see I was desperate and poor?
Then on that day when I knelt to pray,
asking for You to forgive;
the scales fell off and I was able to see
that You died so I could now live.....

I posted this poem back in July of this year. I am reposting it in response to the d’Verse invitation to submit a poem about ‘eyes’. Their link is:

Poetics: Look into my Eyes

Walk Awhile…..

Walk awhile with the broken,
with love that is gently spoken;
'I'll walk with you, I'm listening',
allowing tears, wet and glistening.

Walk awhile with the lonely,
even if you're the one and only;
'I'll be your friend, let's walk together',
allowing that soul their storm to weather.

Walk awhile with the impaired,
with your love for them to be shared;
'I'll walk with you, and I'll help you',
by lending your strength in lieu.

Walk awhile with the dying,
with compassion for their sad sighing;
'I'll hold your hand, I'm right next to you',
watching their spirit then slip from view.

Set Free…..

'Oh why can't I be, free to be me?'
said the bird behind the steel bars.
'My heart is to fly, high up in the sky
and to reach for the moon and the stars.'
Then behind me I heard, a Voice speak to this bird;
'The door has been opened for you.
You do have a choice, to obey My clear Voice.'
So out from the cage he now flew.
The Voice that he'd heard, which saved the small bird,
had given his spirit new sight;
as he soared in the skies, he was freed from the lies,
that had kept him away from the Light.....