Hung Out To Dry…..

As the wind was really blowing
I thought I'd give this a try;
so I washed my hair today
and hung it out to dry.
The only problem though,
with my feet now off the ground,
the really windy weather
made sure I was tightly wound!
It blew me hither and thither
until my hair was tangled;
as from the line thus pegged out
I was duly hung and dangled!

A Funny Insight…..

There's rumour going round
that humour can be found
within one's bodily parts;
now whether this is true,
known only by a few,
I'll look at the medical charts.

Now, I'll bet my money
that there's not any 'funny'
found anywhere near or far;
within the blood network
unless it may lurk,
in the vein called jocular!

Then I take another look
at my anatomy book
and view the skeletal zone;
and much to my alarm
I discover in the arm
we all have a funny bone!

So, the rumour must be true
when the body we view,
even if we cut it in half;
there is humour to be found,
and you'll maybe hear the sound,
of a giggle, or a chuckle, or a laugh!

Partaking of Peace…..

Dear Readers,

Hugh Mann writing once again. You see, I have the tendency to think a lot about all sorts of things so when GOD lays something on my heart it behoves me to think it through and to digest the substance that He continually sets before me. Then I wish to share the meal, whether it is milk, bread or meat!

The latest edible morsel I’m chewing over is the peace of GOD. When ‘said peace’ is found wanting I find I become a bit overwrought and anxious about stuff. This in turn causes major emotional and mental heartburn, indigestion and rough sleeping patterns.

His Word says that He will give us His peace that passes all understanding and He certainly is a liberal Giver! We only need to ask! Perhaps you are a little like me and get so caught up in stuff that you forget to ask.

Consequently, I finally got around to asking GOD for His Peace and guess what? He gave it in bucket loads! Today I find I am saturated with His Peace which in turn has resulted in me becoming grateful and thankful for everything – even the hard stuff.

I think that His Peace acts a bit like an antacid, for His Peace settles one’s churning stomach, aids the digestion of world happenings, plus causes one to be able to enjoy more restful sleep etc.

Until next time, bon appetit!

Hugh Mann.